Putting side by side Elizabeth Arden and Lancôme means to take a closer look at two of the most famous cosmetic manufacturers out there. It might not be important, but this comparison puts under the light an American brand (Elizabeth Arden) vs. a French one (Lancôme).

Elizabeth Arden is a bit older than Lancôme- the American brand was born a little bit after 1900, whereas Lancôme appeared around 1930. This can only mean one thing: they have together almost 2 centuries of experience in cosmetics.

Lancôme creates fragrances, skincare products and makeup products, while the American manufacturer stands out from the crowd especially with its makeup creations. Elizabeth Arden does produce though fragrances and cosmetic products just as well.

Both brands are present and quite active in the social media environment and they both have YouTube channels.

 Lancôme’s most precious ingredient for the skincare products is LR2412, well known for its efficiency when fighting against aging. This incredible ingredient makes miracles when it comes to the fine lines, wrinkles or aging spots and acne scars.

Elizabeth Arden brings to the cosmetic environment Prevage, one of the most innovative cosmetic products and Ceramide. Ceramide tightens the skin and restores Ceramides- essential when it comes to hydration. Prevage was created in combination with Allergan and contains a powerful concentrate of super antioxidant Idebenone.

Lancôme and Elizabeth Arden have amazing numbers of fans all around the world. On Facebook, it seems that Lancôme has around 7 millions of fans, whereas Elizabeth Arden has around 1 million.

If we talk some more about numbers, prices to be more specific, it’s more than obvious that Lancôme comes to the higher priced side anytime. After all, Lancôme is part of L’Oreal Luxury line for some years now.

Both manufacturer create also amazing makeup products. Hypnose Mascara is Lancôme’s most representative make up products. Elizabeth Arden seems to get the attention with its foundations when it comes to makeup products.

Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray vs. Lancôme La Vie EST Belle L’Eau de Parfum Spray

As both manufacturer create great and popular fragrances, it’s only natural to put side by side two of the most loved fragrances from Elizabeth Arden and Lancôme.


“Green Tea” by Elizabeth Arden (Eau de Parfum Spray) features notes of citrus lemon, rhubarb oak moss, musk, amber and peppermint. This is a great fragrance for a daily use, but may be used in a wedding just as well.

“La Vie est belle” from Lancôme has the Iris as the main ingredient, along orange blossoms and jasmine in the middle.

When applying a fragrance you always have to consider that there are so many things that influence the smell of your skin, going from diet, age, current medications to your stress level or even your current mood.

The time of the fragrance remaining on your body may depend even on your skin type- oily and dry skin act differently even when it comes to perfumes.

This being said, it’s important to keep in mind that a fragrance (like “Green Tea” from Elizabeth Arden) may remain on your body for 8 hours and more than 8 hours on somebody else’s body.

“Green Tea” by Elizabeth Arden is gender neutral, while “La Vie est belle” of Lancôme is a woman eau de partum.

Elizabeth Arden’s eau de perfume is a clean, fresh, light scent, giving you a refreshing feeling for many hours.

The fragrance from Lancôme brings a warm, floral smell, giving you a sophisticated, feminine feeling. Lancôme’s eau de perfume is long lasting, but it’s not overpowering. You do feel romantic and sexy while wearing this perfume, for sure.

“Green Tea” of Elizabeth Arden surrounds you with a fresh, green tea scent and goes great in the summer. Its top notes are lemon, rhubarb, orange peel and bergamot. Musk, jasmine, cloves, oak moss and ambergris are the heart notes and there is green tea, musk, thyme and sorrel adding to these as base notes.

“La vie est belle” of Lancôme gives fruity flavors of black currant and pear. Its base is warm and givens by Tonka bean, praline, vanilla and patchouli.

In the end, “Green Tea” is a daily, refreshing eau de perfume, while “La vie est belle” of Lancôme is a more sophisticated, long lasting fragrance. And higher priced, for so many reasons.


Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex vs. Hydra Zen Neocalm Multi-Relief Anti-Stress Moisturizing Cream by Lancôme

Using the right moisturizer for your skin is important, anyone knows that.

Elizabeth Arden created “Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream Complex” which hydrates and moisturizes your skin, no matter its type. This moisturizer soothes and refines skin’s surface texture, giving it a younger appearance just as well.

Lancôme gives you “Hydra Zen Neocalm Multi-Relief Anti-Stress Moisturizing cream” that moisturizes and hydrates at the same time. This has a soothing, softening effect on your skin, leaving a cooling feeling also.

Elizabeth Arden’s moisturizer is not greasy, comes also in a SPF version and gives no outbreaks. A little goes a long way so it’s going to stick for some months around you. This doesn’t clog pores and works great under makeup.

Lancôme’s moisturizer absorbs fast, smells amazing (floral scent) and slides onto skin. This is easy to spread, keeps away outbreaks and you only need a pea size drop for one use. So, you can use it for one year for sure.

The moisturizer from Elizabeth Arden is thick, not sticky and has no side effects on the sensitive skin. Your skin remains supple afterwards and the fine lines get smoothen.

Lancôme’s moisturizer leaves no trace of greasiness, but only a radiant, glowing, clearer and smoother skin.

When it comes to prices, Elizabeth Arden’s product is on the cheaper side, for sure.



Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Daily Youth Restoring Face vs. Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate by Lancôme

Both of these brands have struggled over the years to create products that fight against aging and various skin problems.

Elizabeth Arden gives you Ceramide Gold Daily Youth Restoring Face, which are light-weight ceramide capsules. One capsule is enough to use on your neck, face and chest. The formula absorbs quickly into the skin and strengthens and repairs the look of your skin.

Lancôme has created the famous Génifique Activating Concentrate that is also a serum leaving your skin clear, even and very soft.

The Ceramide Capsules of Elizabeth Arden smooth and revitalize the skin, diminish wrinkles and appearance of fine lines. They also reduce dryness and roughness. They address especially to the dry skin, but oily skin might benefit of this just as well.

Lancôme’s Génifique serum soaks fast into the skin and smoothes the fine lines. It brings radiance to your skin and diminishes skin’s imperfections. This serum is for all skin types as it is lightweight and gives no outbreaks afterwards. Acne scars, oily skin benefit of this serum also. You can see changes after a week of use. A little goes a long way and this serum keeps you for several months.

Elizabeth Arden’s Ceram ide Capsules might be used twice a day for better results, before applying your regular moisturizer. They leave your skin silky and they have no fragrance.

Lancôme’s serum is also perfume free.

Ceramide Capsule of Elizabeth Arden are preservative free, also contain Vitamin A and E and are a serious option for the skin problems (rosacea included).

Lancôme’s serum works on 10 levels on your skin, going from elasticity to sagginess and fine lines.

When it comes to prices, the products are basically equal. As long as you want to invest some money when fighting against age symptoms.

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