If you ever used sports nutrition supplements by now, you must have heard by now about the amino acid arginine, which is the most used in this area. The arginine is able to increase your body’s levels of nitric oxide which helps the blood vessels to enlarge, among other things. There are so many other ingredients in the Proargi 9 products that give you so many other benefits.

First, the medical facts!

We all know by now that the amino acid arginine (the main component of the Proargi9) is often used  by the bodybuilders and strength-training athletes  as it increases their levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (also known as IGF-1). This hormone is responsible for muscle building and may attract increased muscle mass. Keep in mind that this happen only when combined with exercise- so don’t expect the same results when laying on the couch… 🙂

It also seems that the arginine gives improvement in levels of growth hormone, also related to the increase of muscle mass.

The Pro Argi 9 produces at the same time nitric oxide that dilates the blood vessels- vasodilation. This translates in better blood flow and lowering of the blood pressure. As this conclusion comes from a research using rats, we do have to maintain some reservations.

You won’t experience muscle soreness thanks to the ProArgi 9 when training thanks to the citrulline it contains. The citrulline actually lowers the muscle soreness even by 40 % during a two days exercise session.

The benefits of L-arginine go beyond the muscle area, though. It helps also the immune function and promotes healthy sexual function. It reduces the adipose tissue body fat and increases the energy level just as well.

What’s inside ProArgi9 after all?

The main ingredient in ProArgi 9 is L-arginine, the vital amino acid that is important for several physiological functions in the body, most of them related to cardiovascular benefits. L-arginine transforms into nitric oxide inside the body, which gives a constant tone to the blood vessels and keeps them flexible and relaxed. This lowers the stress on the heart, gets the blood pressure down and improves circulation.

Another ingredient is L-citrulline which helps also with the blood flow and oxygen circulation throughout the body, giving healthy energy levels.

Even though Vitamin D3 is nowadays considered to be a hormone rather than a vitamin, it’s known that it helps in calcium absorption. New studies have shown that vitamin D3 is also important in healthy cardiovascular function and healthy inflammatory response.

Resveratrol is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanin that protect the heart and lower LDL oxidation.

Pomegranate consists high quality antioxidants that reduce LDL oxidation, gives strength to the arterial wall and helps the enzyme that transform L-arginine into nitric oxide.

Vitamin K2 makes sure the calcium remains in your bones and doesn’t go to the arteries.

Vitamins B6, B12 and the acid folic naturally lower the homocysteine levels that relate directly to the cardiovascular disease and fractures in elderly people.

Another ingredient is D-ribose, a naturally sugar that appears and is able to help regain the energy compounds in heart cells. It fights against cell damage in the heart and maintains young the heart muscles.

Xylitol is a low glycemic sweetener which promotes saliva production, giving protection against tooth decay.

Any side effects?

Even though they are not often, some side effects may appear when using ProArgi9.

L-arginine may increase the levels of stomach acid, especially of gastrin. This may cause pain, nausea, bloating, cramps and even diarrhea.

Some people may suffer anaphylaxis when taking L-arginine for the first time. The allergic reactions may go from itches, skin rashes, swollen eyes and even shortness of breath, in worst cases. This kind of reactions appear mostly in the case of asthma diagnosed people.

When it comes to pregnancy and breast-feeding, it seems that L-arginine is possibly safe for a short-term and it not known enough if used the whole for a long time during these stages. It’s better to be safe and…not use it.

L-arginine may be used only by mouth in premature children, in secure dosage. L-arginine is not safe in high doses for children and may even cause death.

Several medical conditions impose the non-use of L-arginine, as it follows: cirrhosis, low blood pressure, recent heart attack, kidney disease, recent surgery, and herpes.

Which ProArgi9 products work for you?

We think it’s all clear by now about the benefits or all ProArgi-9 products. You can choose from various flavor options or consistency, depending on your tastes and likings.

For instance, the ProArgi 9 Plus New Flavor Mixed Berry is a sweet product that also contains red wine extract. This is the most popular ProArgi-9 product.

The jar has 30 servings and you can take from 1 to 3 servings a day. This product expires in two years from the manufacture day.

These servings give you great energy throughout the entire day, lower your blood pressure and work for your migraine also.

Some say these servings taste like Kool-Aid, but in a good way.

The servings do contain Xylitol also and you may experience some changes in your digestion because of that.

This is a great product, recommended by doctors in hospitals, with amazing benefits for the heart health.


Another great product is the ProArgi 9 Plus Mixed Berry Single Serving Packets Support Heart Health.

If the first product contains 30 servings in a jar, this one makes it easier for you to take even when you’re not at home since it contains 30 single servings packets. So, you don’t have to take the whole jar with you when you’re going to work for the entire day.

The servings taste more like a berry juice, not as sweet as the mixed berry flavor as in the first product.

This comes at a good price and you can pour it in a water bottle for an easy intake.

The servings support cardiovascular health and increase the blood flow to vital organs.

The citrus berry flavor servings fight against premature cardiovascular aging but support healthy sexual performance just as well.

Some even noticed decreasing body fat when using these servings.

They work also in dementia and give a great energy boost for the whole day. Just don’t take it in the evening…unless you’re planning a whole night party!


For those who really don’t go for the sweet servings, you can try the Proargi9 Plus (Grape Flavor) Canister.

You can take 1 to 3 servings a day and the canister contains 30 servings.

The grape flavor is not very strong and this product contains no Stevia.

This product improves the cardiovascular health and may even improve the cholesterol reading.

All of these products are around $50 and you can find also Citrus Flavor ProArgi-9 servings.