Even though it’s born in France just a bit after 1930, Lancôme has become a subsidiary of L’Oreal Paris for some years now and is still preserving its French origins when creating the scientifically proven to work products.

Lancôme is popular for its fragrances, makeup and skincare products. They are luxurious, rather high priced but seem to worth every single penny.

Visionnaire collection appeared as a line that stands out from the crowd with an award winner serum that is one of the most popular skin correctors out there.

Why Lancôme Visionnaire?

Along with aging comes the wrinkles, the fine lines, dark spots and uneven skin tone. The pores are more rigid and more visible and you need to fight in every single way to get rid of these problems. Lancôme Visionnaire contains a unique formula of the patented LR2412 which is derived from jasmonic acid. This is supposed to minimize wrinkles and lines, make the pores look smaller and even the skin tones.

Lancôme Visionnaire addresses to all skin types and ethnicities. Lancôme’s advices the people to use its Visionnaire serum for all age-related problems, acne scars and sun caused damages.

If Lancôme states that Visionaries’ miracle ingredient (LR 2412) is highly efficient when it comes to fighting against aging symptoms, some consider this ingredient to be simple lipid that signals the plant (jasmine) when repair is needed, controlling the life cycle of the plant’s cells. And, getting a patented ingredient is not that difficult either.

The lipids from the jasmine extracts have similar effects on your skin- they improve wrinkles, reduce large pores, and fade red spots. But, the critics says there aren’t any published scientific proofs to sustain this. As Visionnaire collection also contains alcohol also, these critics say the jasmine-derived ingredients pale in front of alcohol bad influence on skin.

When you do decide to use Lancôme Visionnaire, it’s ok to know each side of the story. But, in the end, the decision comes from the results you see on your skin.

Lancôme Visionnaire…how to use?

Visionnaire’s most representative product is Visionnaire Corrector Serum that should be applied on a clean skin, underneath your moisturizer.  You can use it day and night and three pumps over your face and neck should be enough. Use your fingertips in outward motions for the best results and a fast absorbance. Lancôme’s tip goes even farther, suggesting you should also use Genifique serum (another famous serum of Lancôme) for a highly efficient serum ritual.

As in case of any collection, the French manufacturer recommends to use the complete skin care regimen.

Your skin becomes smoother, more luminous when you use Lancôme Visionnaire and the aging symptoms are slowly diminishing.

In the case of Visionnaire Corrector Serum, it’s good to know that you can use it even if you are an acne prone skin or have some skin scars. They do get modified when using the serum.

Another good part when using Visionnaire Corrector Serum is that you won’t be feeling the need to use a foundation anymore. But, in the case you still use it, the Corrector Serum is putting the foundation under the flashlights.

If we talk numbers, it seems that more than 75% of women who use this serum noticed good changes in their skin when using Visionnaire Serum.

Bring it on, Lancôme Visionnaire!

There’s no such thing like “too much when fighting the aging symptoms”. There’s only too much makeup, if you’d like.

So, you can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by using Lancôme Visionnaire 1Minute Blur Smoothing Skincare Instant Perfector All Skin Types.

This oil-free skin finisher is lightweight and brings to your skin the efficiency of Visionnaire and PhotoSmooth optical technology. This products absorbs fast, gives you skin a matter finish and a nice feeling for the whole day.

Apply this skin finsher after your regular moisturizer alone or as makeup base in order to get the ideal look. This is also a non-comedogenic and non-acne genic products and works on all skin types and tones, even the sensitive skin.

You should use it daily in order to reduce wrinkles, pores and fine lines. You can give it a month to see its work.

When it comes to Lancôme Visionnaire collection, there are few limits when it comes to skin care.

Lancôme Teint Visionnaire Skin Perfecting Makeup Duo is a dual purpose foundation make-up that works also against fine lines, big pores and it brightens dark spots also. This foundation is also sun protective as it has a SPF20 feature, but a sun blocking method should be also worn.

There is also the famous LR2412 in this makeup, thus providing the same anti-aging ingredients from the Corrector Serum.

This foundation should be used in your skin care process as it corrects dark circles, dark spots and any other skin imperfections.

If you go for the matte finish look and a nice texture in your foundation, this is the one for you.

All in all…

Lancôme Visionnaire brings to the market a special, luxurious and efficient (according to its customers), somehow questionable (if you look at the science proofs) collection that works on some levels and does bring important changes to your skin.

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